Recent cases participated in by Michalski Law Office.

Lead counsel in approximately 100 jury trials.

Several favorable decisions in the year 2000:

          1.    A First Degree Controlled Substance charge reversed in the Minnesota Court of Appeals (the Minnesota Attorney General's Office represented the State).
          2.    A jury verdict of not guilty in a three day criminal sexual conduct case (Benton County);
          3.    A jury verdict of not guilty in an Assault Case where the Defendant had been recently released from prison.
          4.    A dismissal of a First Degree Controlled Substance Complaint without having our client stand one day of trial.
          5.    A dismissal of Receiving Stolen Weapons charge without having the client stand one
          day of trial;
          6.    Obtaining $18,000.00 for our client in a Drug Forfeiture Action from a total taken of $23,00.00 within 2-3 weeks of start of case.
          7.    Dismissal of a petition for Revocation of our client's Minnesota driver's license for nonpayment of child support.
          8.    Dismissal of our client's Fifth Degree Domestic Assault against our client.
          9.    Two and a half week long Federal Drug Conspiracy case.  Client referred to prohibition only.

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