Criminal Law:
Lead counsel in approximately seventy-five criminal jury trials.

In the last six months:

1.    A First Degree Controlled Substance charge reversed in the Minnesota Court of Appeals, the Attorney General representing the State in such appeal chose not to appeal to the Supreme Court.  The Michalski Law Office was retained by the Appellant at trial resulting in a Jury Trial verdict of guilty;
2.    A jury verdict of not guilty in a three day criminal sexual conduct case (Benton County);
3.    A jury verdict of not guilty in an assault case where the Defendant had been recently released from prison, had a long criminal record and there were substantial statements and evidence against said defendant.
4.    Obtained a dismissal of a First Degree Controlled Substance Complaint without having our client stand one day of trial.
5.    Obtaining a dismissal of Receiving Stolen Weapons charge without having the client stand one day of trial;
6.    Obtaining $18,000.00 for our client in a drug forfeiture action from a total taken from of $23,00.00 without our client having to litigate more two to three weeks in this civil forfeiture action.
7.    Having a petition to revoke our client's Minnesota driver's license for nonpayment of child support dismissed;
8.    Having a Fifth Degree Domestic Assault against our client dismissed.
9.    Two and a half week long Federal Jury Trial.
Bond Work:
I have represented the following bond companies and clients in bond litigation:
Williams National Surety, Davenport, Iowa
Ranger Insurance Company
Noble Insurance Company
East Central Bail Bonds, Mora, Minnesota
International Fidelity Insurance Company
Liberty Bond Company, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Frontier Insurance Company
Bartsch Bail Bonds, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Bob Drake Bail Bonds, Santa Ana, California
Appeared as counsel in approximately 200 contested trial level hearings involving bonds.

Appeared successfully before the Minnesota Court of Appeals on the validity of a Court order forfeiting bond and ordering the surety to pay.

Appeared before the Minnesota Supreme Court of Appeals on the validity of a Court order forfeiting bond and ordering the surety to pay. (Fiduciary)

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