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Veteran Visitation Rights Attorney Helps Enforce Child Custody Agreements

St. Cloud child custody lawyer protects you and your child’s interests

Minnesota courts decide if and how the parents will share legal and physical custody of a child. A parent with legal custody has the right to make the major decisions for the child, including religious upbringing, education and medical care. A parent with physical custody provides the child a home and makes the day-to-day decisions. Courts prefer that parents share legal custody, which allows both parents to be involved in making important decisions for the child.

A child custody lawyer, such as Michael J. Michalski in St. Cloud, will inform the court if your ex-spouse violates the child custody agreement. Minnesota courts use several tools to enforce custody agreements, including:

  • Fining the violating  parent as much as $500
  • Requiring the violating  parent to pay a bond to the court to guarantee future cooperation
  • Assessing attorney’s fees  and court costs against the violating parent
  • Requiring the violating  parent to reimburse the other parent for any expenses caused by the  violation
  • A finding of contempt of  court

When you need to protect your court-ordered rights, call child custody attorney Michael J. Michalski in St. Cloud, Minn.

Protecting your child by limiting visitation rights

Minnesota family law courts also determine visitation rights. This is known as parenting time, which refers to the time a parent spends with the child regardless of who has been awarded physical custody. It is intended to encourage parents to remain involved in the child’s life. The court determines parenting time based on the child’s best interests, and neither parent is likely to get less than 25 percent of the parenting time.

Under certain circumstances, the court may limit visitation rights if:

  • The parenting time may endanger the child’s physical or emotional health
  • The parent repeatedly disobeys an existing court order relating to parenting time

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