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St. Cloud, MN Lawyer Guides You Through Divorce Mediation

Veteran St. Cloud, MN mediation attorney protects your interests

Minnesota law requires divorcing spouses to try to negotiate a divorce agreement outside of court through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The most common type of ADR is mediation, during which the parties negotiate through a neutral mediator. As an experienced family law mediation attorney in St. Cloud, Michael J. Michalski of the Michalski Law Office can guide you through the process.

How the divorce mediation process works

The mediator encourages the parties to air their disagreements and make compromises. You or your spouse can end the mediation at any time if you reach an impasse.

Mediation is especially useful in resolving child custody or visitation, because it allows the spouses to solve parenting issues that arise during the divorce. Michael J. Michalski has served St. Cloud clients for nearly three decades. He can help you effectively mediate your divorce agreement.

Your St. Cloud, Minn. family law mediation attorney at the Michalski Law Office can help guide you through the process and protect your interests.

The advantages of mediation

  • Neutrality: The mediator is an independent  third party who listens to the facts from both parties. A mediator does not take sides.
  • Speed: Mediation often leads to faster  settlements than litigation does.
  • Lower cost: The parties save money because they avoid the high court costs  and attorney’s fees that result from prolonged litigation.
  • Satisfaction: Mediating parties are generally more  satisfied with the results than parties who litigated.

As a veteran St. Cloud family law attorney, Michael J. Michalski will help you get the most out of the mediation process.

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At the Michalski Law Office, our divorce mediation lawyers will guide you through every step of the process. With four locations and flexible evening and weekend appointments, we are committed to accommodating our clients. Call the Michalski Law Office at 320-200-1108 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. We are committed to your case, no matter how complex.